About WOEIH Donation Gifts

What On Earth Is Happening Donation Gifts is a place where you can show your appreciation for the work that I have done by sharing the information which I have researched and come to know through my personal experiences. I do not do the work that I do to make money or to become popular, but because I feel that I have a personal moral obligation to communicate to others what I have come to understand, especially during the time of crisis in which we are now living.

I set up this gift site so that my viewers and listeners can browse gift items which I have made available in return for personal donations to support my continuing efforts to help raise human consciousness and ultimately help to end the human condition of slavery on Earth. Donations received through this web site will be used to directly support my work, and to allow me to continue to do The Great Work in a full-time capacity well into the future.
I hope you will find something that interests you among my selection of gifts, which currently includes t-shirts, DVDs, flash drives, keychains, buttons and stickers. Please keep in mind as you browse this gift site, that What On Earth Is Happening Donation Gifts is NOT a business or an organization. There is nothing actually for sale or purchase on this web site. Gift items from this web site will be sent as free personal gifts in return for personal donations toward my efforts.
I wholeheartedly appreciate all the donations I have received over the years in support of my work. Without your help the work that I do would not be possible. Now, my supporters can receive something in return for their continued support and generosity.

Thank You,

Mark Passio